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ClanServerHosting is a company that has been active in hosting since 2005. Since that time, ClanServerHosting has expanded to a major player within Teamspeak 3 Server Hosting. By maintaining continuous quality and satisfaction surveys among our rapidly increasing amount of customers, we have been able to learn from the past and we continue to do so today! After each survey, the customers always immediately notices changes. Because we really act on improvements that our customers desire.

Because all changes are carried out in-house, you can switch quickly and make custom adjustments that are in favour of the Teamspeak service, which you will notice!

Innovation is our priority, which is why ClanServerHosting has built its own Teamspeak 3 control panel in the customer panel. In this way our customers can enjoy a highly advanced panel that is specially made for the Teamspeak service.

Envoronment and furure

ClanServerHosting will continue to grow, so why not immediately take the environment into account. The base of the hosting facilities are located in the Evoswitch data center. Evoswitch facilitates all services in an energy-efficient and CO2-neutral manner. But that is not enough! So ClanServerHosting buys servers that have a low energy consumption, this is good for the climate as well as for the costs!

Reliability, Durability and Quality

Because ClanServerHosting invests in server equipment and network, little maintenance is required and there are also few disruptions. This means that you can enjoy quality, while not paying too much. ClanServerHosting has achieved its uptime guarantee of no less than 99.7% in recent years.


Orders with ClanServerHosting are INSTANTLY ONLINE within 1 minute after payment! Due to an automated system that processes orders day and night, and instantly setup new Teamspeak 3 server orders that are marked as paid. So you can even place an order with us after closing time and get started right away!