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Why us?

You may ask yourself why should i choose ClanServerHosting? ClanServerHostin values its customers and has setup criteria on our services that are used by our customers.


When you place your order with ClanServerHosting your Teamspeak server will setup immediately after payment. Your hosting is online within 1 minute after payment. ClanServerHosting fully automatic order handling systemen that looks (24/7) for new orders. If the new order has been paid the system will automatically setup the Teamspeak Server and e-mail the nessesery information in just 1 single e-mail. It will also be displayed on your screen when you return on our website after payment. Next you can manage your teamspeak server on our advanced control panel.

You are not committed to anything

ClanServerHosting keeps it plain and simple. Which means no strings attached and everything in plain sight. No surprises except a fantastisch experience, which we translated to our services; you do not have to cancel your teamspeak 3 server.

You do not have to cancel

8 days before renewal of your Teamspeak Server we will sent you a new invoice with a payment term of 8 days. If you do not pay within the payment term we will suspend your Teamspeak Server, exactly on the date the new payment starts. You will receive only one kindly reminder and the note that your Teamspeak Server has been suspended. If you pay the invoice within the reminder term of another 8 additional days, your server will be automatically unsuspended and be INSTANTLY ONLINE WITHIN 1 MINUTE after payment. If you choose not to pay the invoice, your server will be deleted after the reminder term.

Advanced control panel

ClanServerHosting has its own developed control panel for Teamspeak 3 Server Hosting build in its customer panel, here you can;

  • Create new admin group tokens
  • Reset all privilieges
  • Create/Remove/Edit the password on your server
  • Change the geographical location of your server [when available]
  • Create, Save and Restore Snapshots
  • Restore automatically created backups of the last 30 days

Support, Price, Quality and Uptime

ClanServerHosting offers extended support before and after purchase through e-mail [preferred and faster] and phone.

Due to the hight quality ClanServerHosting demands from its infrastructure and suppliers, but also because of 24/7 monitoring of all components and services, we maintain little downtime and better affordable maintenance.

ClanServerHosting has maintained a yearly uptime of 99,7%.