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Teamspeak 3 server hosting

Teamspeak 3 server hosting became available at ClanServerHosting at januari 2010. ClanServerHosting has acquired a license from Teamspeak to sell licensed Teamspeak to its customers. Because the previous versions of Teamspeak have already been introduced in the past, ClanServerHosting can offer this high quality. With Teamspeak 3 server hosting from ClanServerHosting you are guaranteed continuity and reliability.

Our free extra's on Teamspeak 3 Server Hosting

INSTANTLY ONLINE after payment – 24 hours a day 7 days a week

If you order and pay online, your server will be INSTANTLY ONLINE.
U will receive all the information needed to connect to your server within 1 minute on your screen after payment and in your email.

This is a completely automated process with no human involvement. You will be able to order, even after business hours and imminently enjoy your teamspeak server.


ClanServerHosting has its own developed Teamspeak 3 controlpanel where you can;
– Request new ServerAdmin Tokens
– Reset your server
– Create, edit or remove your server password

Quality and DDoS Protection

Due to quality performance within Teamspeak 3 and ClanServerHosting’s default Dutch hosting quality, it is possible to offer quality for a reasonable price. DDoS protection is default on our Teamspeak 3 hosting. Without any human interaction, DDoS attacks are mitigated without any downtime, due to a specifically designed Teamspeak 3 DDoS filter.


We offer our Teamspeak 3 servers for € 0,35 per slot per month, with a minimum of 8 slots. Which means you can have your own Teamspeak server starting from € 2,80 per month. Calculate your price on our order page and check out our discounts!

Teamspeak 3 improvements

Teamspeak 3 improvements based on its prior version Teamspeak 2
– Better sound quality
– Better software
– Less connection and package lost
– 3D sound effect
– Advanced privileges for serveradmins and moderators